Making liquid nano technology
for Innovative, Multi-Purpose Solutions


Using fluorolytic sol-gel synthesis, nanofluor has developed a patented multivalent strategy to create formerly unavailable nanoscopic metal fluorides

M(OR)x + xHF → MFx + xROH

Clear sols for a number of metal fluorides are obtained that may be used for coatings of very distinct surfaces, as is known for metal oxides.

Properties of Nanoscopic
Metal Fluorides

The particle distribution in clear MgF2 sols is between 3 and 7 nm, for SrF2 5-10 nm and for CaF2 7-13 nm.

Transparent, hard and scratch-resistant MgF2 layers that result from calcination at only 450°C achieve a refractive index of 1.23 (compared to 1.45 for SiO2). Xerogels (solvent-free, dry powders obtained from sols) display specific surface areas from 200 to 600 m2/g.